Published on: June 8, 2020

Most web and software agencies and development companies are not expert in User Experience Design (UX). Taking your time to select a company with this qualification will save you a lot of time and hassle down the road.

UX Is A Field Of Expertise

Most people probably think User Experience Design is something that comes with coding, or interface development, or design. In fact, UX is a separate field of study with its own certification process. UX includes observing the thousands of web elements and patterns, and figuring out what most people find ‘Useable’ and ‘Not Useable’.

By extension, when your software company are building apps or websites for you, if they use things generally considered ‘Not Useable’ to your users, then your users will not be happy with their result. The result can include solid development work, pages that load efficiently, clean and well-documented code, and still your users will be unhappy. The software company you hired might be world-class in many ways, know how things respond in different browsers, and be able to create stunning masterpieces of design, and still they will deliver solutions that your users hate. Time and time again this is played out in the real world.

Have you ever used a website or application released by a large corporation, and:

  • found things that are not usable?
  • clicked a button and had something unexpected happen?
  • tried to navigate in a way you thought made sense, and ended up getting lost?

You aren’t alone! MOST websites and applications don’t take into account best practices of user experience design.

Most Coding Experts Are NOT UX Experts

Most people who write code are not experts in UX. UX certifications are expensive, unlike coding classes which can be found free online. When I got my UX certification, I already had close to 10 years of web design experience! And what I learned to achieve my certification was mostly new knowledge! I was good at coding and design, just didn’t have the specialized knowledge of user experience design.

Most UI Experts Are NOT UX Experts

Just because you can hire a User Interface designer doesn’t mean that will come with UX knowledge. In fact, most people who build user interfaces don’t know about User Experience Design.

Easy to say you don’t like how something works, not always easy to say how it SHOULD work. UX = How it SHOULD work

Just because you know you don’t like how something works, doesn’t mean you know how to fix it. All of us have the experience of going to a website or application and being disgusted with some feature or element not working like we think it should. “I hate this” we’ll say. But we don’t necessarily know how to make it work better.

Websites and applications built from the ground up with good User Experience Design have the advantage of a good foundation in BEST PRACTICES for web usability. That doesn’t always mean it’s at the top of usability for your own users. But it’s a good start and should always be the starting point of good User Experience Design.

Demand a UX certification from the companies you hire

So how do you ensure that you get good UX in your website or application?

Demand a certification in UX from one of the top locations for a certification. You can google to find some of the best places but I recommend the Nielsen Norman Group, which is where Nouvre’s owner, Tim Norton has a certification since 2014.

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