Published on: June 22, 2020

I have over 15 years dealing with software development and 20 years in Fintech. I’ve seen projects go really well and others not so much. So here are my 3 keys to making sure your project goes well too.

#1: Be Aggressive

This might not sound like something that’s related to software. However, aggressiveness is the proper attitude to keeping the project on track. If you get passive then things will start to fall apart. Aggressiveness includes sending a message, making a phone call, or working through the complex issues. Every project has areas where things are more complicated. Tackling them requires aggressiveness. Be aggressive to overcome laziness when an issue requires deeper thinking. And be aggressive until it’s tackled.

#2: Communicate

So many times I’ve seen communication, just talking about something, lead to a better result. One project I took the client would not talk on the phone before we started. I should have seen that red flag and avoided the project. I didn’t and it led to a situation where she wouldn’t talk to me when we had confusion either. And eventually a bad ending. So now I only take a project when I can have a nice conversation with the stakeholder before we get started.

Communication today takes many different forms. Of course there is always face to face, but many times this isn’t possible, and it’s usually not necessary. So next best is a video meeting, getting anybody together who has a stake in the decision, so you can ask the hard questions. Or sometimes, you are the one answering the hard questions. Next, a phone call will work too. This has less touch than a video call, but you can still take the time to hash through things until they are solved.

#3: User Experience Design

It’s shocking to me how many software tools, apps, and websites have really bad usability. Obviously that they didn’t have someone who knew how to build to the usability web standards.

Make sure to begin every feature or project with a discussion of user experience design. Include at least one expert in user experience design. If you start with the standards, then you can improve upon them later when your actual users start using it.

Do us all proud and only release software with good usability!


You often have only one shot to get your software project right. Software costs time and money, so make sure you get yours off to a good start! Let me know in the comments if you have questions, or any tips you want to add!

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