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Easy ADV Part II and Privacy Policy notifications for Advisors

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Quick And Easy Setup

In your dashboard, we color code the steps so you can get it done in 5 minutes or less. And get back to your latte!

Secure App Server

The security of your data is very important to us. We only have your clients' names and emails, but we keep it safe.

Easy Data Import

We make it easy for you to add your data. Choose between csv import, manual entry or new clients, or Redtail integration (coming soon).


We'll be adding new features and improvements based on your suggestions. So keep them coming!

Stress-free reporting

You'll get reports every 6 months, or whenever you want. Timestamps and user contacts to make auditors happy.

FREE High-touch Support

FOR ALL! We're building advisor apps, and we want to make sure you love them! So we'll be highly accessible to you.

We do it all for you. ADV Part II and Privacy Policy Services

  • Automatically remind you a month before send date that you should update your ADV Part II (AUM change at very least)
  • Send your latest ADV Part II and Privacy Policy to clients annually
  • Send you a report of sent documents along with dates and timestamps
  • Give you an easy way to add new clients, and we'll send to them immediately
  • Give you a dashboard to quickly add clients in bulk or individually
  • Annual cost is about the same as 1 hour of your secretary's time
  • We listen to you: we're interested in building world class advisor solutions, and we want your opinion!

Walk-through steps

We'll walk you through it. In 5
minutes or less.

After sign-up, it takes just a few minutes to configure everything. Color-coded blocks with buttons show you what still needs to be done.

We do the hard stuff, following best practices for User Experience--so it will be easy for you.

Walk-through steps

Most Importantly We Give YouPeace of Mind!

The greatest thing we can do for you is help you sleep at night knowing we have your back.

Walk-through steps


If you have more than 5,000 clients please contact us.

All plans include 10 days free trial.

NOTE: We don't store your credit card information, it gets sent securely to Stripe. Once they receive your card number they store it and provide a token for us to approve the charge.


$24 / year

  • 200 clients
  • High-touch support
  • Audit reports
  • 10 days FREE trial
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$49 / year

  • 1000 clients
  • High-touch support
  • Audit reports
  • 10 days FREE trial
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$199 / year

  • 5000 clients
  • High-touch support
  • Audit reports
  • 10 days FREE trial
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