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softyWare is about web apps for your business.

  • We're expert in User Experience Design: Your users will love what we created, and they will reward you will more sales.
  • We provide solutions to complex problems: If your app needs complex logic or otherwise will have a lot of data, we will provide a solid and effective solution.
  • We are fanatical about your satisfaction: We love nothing more than making our customers happy, and we will make it our mission to constantly deliver, not only what you asked for, but also what will pleasantly surprise you.
  • We're Fintech vets: While we can build nearly anything, we specialize in financial technology. Payments, securities trading, and smart portfolios are our specialty.


We have a lot of experience building apps in various industries. We're technology experts so you don't have to be.


Years of Experience
in the financial specializations.


Years of Experience
in Web Apps and Design


Nouvre Builds Web Apps.

Nouvre is a software development agency serving businesses and individuals. We build web apps for all uses, and specialize in Fintech.

App Categories

Consumer facing products must be very user friendly, as today's environment gives the user great power to share their experience far and wide. We will make your app with the same level of care, ensuring the user experience isn't an afterthought.

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We build complex apps where robustness and solidity matters. We have overseen machine learning applications and have built trading and portfolio management apps.

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We have 15 years of experience in Fintech and can handle a wide variety of applications including trading, payments, client data, machine learning, and anything you can dream up. We will handle your project with the same level of detail and diligence.

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Ideas for Apps and Software in a Crazy Environment

June 30, 2020

It is crazy times in the USA due to the pandemic, and social unrest. For many people, this leads to a lot of fear and confusion. Personally I believe the #1 way to personally be free of fear and confusion is prayer. However believer or not, you can also take action. Action leads to less fear because of the adrenaline it creates. (more…)